Loyle CarnerIntroducing Loyle Carner and his debut EP ‘A Little Late’. The 19-year-old rapper from South London first appeared on Rejjie Snow’s ‘Rejovich’ EP on the track ‘1992’ – arguably the best track on the EP, being picked up by a huge number of blogs, most notably Majestic Casual. Following the release of ‘Rejovich’, Loyle Carner and his producer Rebel Kleff set to work on creating his debut project in the summer of 2013. However, the passing of Loyle’s father at the start of the year delayed its creation, hence the weighty and aptly-titled, ‘A Little Late’.

The narrative of the EP is a teenage boy trying to come to terms with life in a very complicated world, with his words eloquently expressing the frustration and complications of love, lust and loss. You are not listening to an egocentric, fame-hungry rapper. Loyle’s music is honest and from the heart; a rarity in the modern world of pop music, let alone hip hop.