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Born in Liverpool to a heroin addict father and a mother desperate to keep him on the right side of the law, Louis Berry already seems to have lived nine lives. Albeit being a bit of a loner known to many on the estate he grew up on  – and a loner not unknown to the local police Louis found a passion to distract from everything else going on around him. Eventually getting access to a guitar after his grandfather gave him an entry level banjo, Louis would sneak up to his bedroom and learn to play. At school there were the popular kids, and then there was Louis.

One night a friend made him sing ”How Deep Is Your Love” by the Bee Gees, as incongruous as it was omnipresent. For Louis, It was a turning point to realise that he had talent and to have that talent acknowledged by others.

Things grew as the songs flowed. He wasn’t part of the Liverpool music scene which is dominated by students and resented the people who had it easy in life. Louis always knew he’d sing about what he knew and what he saw, whether the people liked it or not. But, as it turned out, they did.

After getting signed after just two gigs Louis’s early single ‘.45’ was the first introduction to Louis’ songwriting world and quickly won him local praise as well as support amongst music tastemakers such as Zane Lowe who nominated it his ‘Next Hype’. But it was ’25 Reasons’, the first single from Louis’ 2015 debut EP ‘Rebel’, which really cemented his sound, an amalgam of classic, gritty rock n roll with soul. The track saw regular plays and radio support from BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac and John Kennedy at Radio X. By the spring of 2015 he was awarded the ‘One To Watch’ at Liverpool’s prestigious GIT Awards by a panel consisting of representatives from BBC 6 Music, NME, Vice, The Guardian and Q Magazine.

Signed to Ministry, Louis has been back in the studio putting the finishing touches to his debut album and releases his next single ‘Laurie’ cementing himself as one to watch over the coming months.

“I want to be the biggest male artist on the planet. You name me one song in the charts right now that says anything about your life or my life. I can’t name ONE! Chart music now is just candy – it doesn’t feed your soul. An hour later you’re hungry again”.