One of the most talked-about emerging acts for 2017, Blakey enters the fray with his glassy and enthralling debut release ‘Prism of Love’.

The London-based singer, songwriter and producer’s first offering is indeed something that demands attention: a crisp, velveteen falsetto with initially uncluttered production, Blakey then adds incremental touches, layering the instrumental into something subtly 80s, increasingly vibrant, with an ebbing synth to form a graceful balance. It’s a deceivingly sparse sound that underlines Blakey’s young talent as a producer; It’s also a considered backdrop to push up an arresting vocal that sits beside Francis and the Lights and Bon Iver as much as it does to Chris Martin. But it’s his inventive rhythm and wordplay that sets Blakey on his own – the baritone add-ons after the falsetto, his quick loops. For all of Blakey’s weight in his message, the delivery is lively and poignant. A serious new talent has emerged.